Blame God – Who Else? (Part 2)

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Dr. Mohamed Elmasry

November 6, 2016

My faith of Islam, like Judaism and Christianity, teaches that humans were formed as the crowning glory of God’s creation, but through our collective choices of action and thought down through history, we have become its imminent destroyer.

We were created for eternity, yet we plan only for this world – many of us only for our own lifetimes – with no reference to our ultimate destination.

As a species, we have become intellectually and spiritually lazy when it comes to seeking and discovering the true purpose of our lives. In general, the typical human being is in a big hurry to accumulate wealth and power by any means necessary.

When taken beyond reason or moderation, our morality decreases exponentially in proportion to our support for political factions, countries, organizations, or ethnic and religious groups.

Taken to the increasing extremes we see in today’s sectarian and political conflicts, we lose any sense of shame or remorse at killing, destroying, or inflicting pain and suffering on those we label as enemy or the Other.

We have committed unbelievable crimes against our own species and seem to have gotten away with it.

Take the United States as an example, the “land of the free” has an abysmal record of trying to upstage the cruelest of human-conceived images of God.

Under various administrations it has committed genocide of native peoples, slavery, the nuclear annihilation of entire populations, incited manufacturing wars, elected politicians on the basis of their supporters’ wealth and influence, used military might to bully weaker nations and secure cheap access to their raw materials, and trampled on the human rights of any group or individual perceived as a threat to the military-capitalist status quo (i.e. Communists, the Japanese, black civil rights leaders, environmental and social activists, Muslims, etc.).

The malice and power of evil are certainly evident in the world in which we live today; it’s no wonder people are tempted to “blame God” for the mess humanity is in.

We as a species can do all of the evils listed above, because we were created as capable of understanding the motivations and consequences of our actions, both good and bad. But we were not intended to be what we have allowed ourselves to become.

So, blaming God is simply nonsense; it’s an easy way out that leaves us in an apathetic neutral zone where we can do nothing, say nothing. Sad but true.

The evil powers in this cosmic struggle are strong and very determined. But here is where revealed religion offers hope; they are all creatures who originated from God, the supreme source of good.

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