Their “Independence Day” is Palestine’s Nakba Day

Palestinian girl in a protest on Nakba Day 2010 in al-Khaleel (Hebron), West Bank. Her sign says “Surely we will return, Palestine.” Source: Shy halatzi – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Hussein Hoballah

ٍSada al-Mashrek’s Editor-in-chief 

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is constantly making statements on many different incidents and events and offering congratulations on his, his wife’s, his government’s or his party’s behalf. His office has issued many statements on Facebook this May, commenting on the French elections, the World Press Freedom Day, Mother’s Day, as well as Buddha’s Day and the Sikh Day in Canada. For someone holding his office, that sounds normal, but this month it has been quite shocking to make a congratulatory, supportive statement on Israel’s so-called “Independence Day”.

Part of that statement read, “Today, we join our Israeli friends and Jewish communities in Canada and around the world to celebrate the 69th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel.”

“Canada,” Trudeau pointed out, “was one of the first countries to officially recognise Israel.”

So this is Israel’s “Independence Day”, but, Mr Prime Minister, we’ve liked you because you’ve acted very tolerantly with all Canadians and Canadian Muslims who are part of Canada’s essential social fabric, and this same day is Palestine’s Nakba Day; Israel has literally built its state on Palestinian’s skulls and rivers of their pure blood. Before and during the 1948 war, hundreds of massacres were perpetrated against Palestinians, and none with reason can overlook such barbarity and role in the rise of the so-called “State of Israel”. Some of the many massacre sites were: al-Quds (Jerusalem), Haifa, the Sameera Mees Hotel, Deir Yassine, al-Lujoun and Om Ashouf… Mr Prime Minister, hundreds were thereby brutally slaughtered. No women were shown respect, no children were shown sympathy and no elderly were shown mercy. Those savage massacres exactly match the atrocities committed by today’s terrorist groups, “ISIS”, “an-Nusra” and their likes wherever they are.

By the time the ardent Zionist David Ben-Gorion announced the rise of the “State of Israel” on 14 May 1948, the Zionists had seized dozens of Palestinian cities and villages, forcing their residents out. It is very shameful that until the moment, the Palestinians are dispersed in underprivileged camps, and that their cause has not yet been resolved; the international community is a conspirer, and Arabs are betrayers.

Trudeau talked about Israel’s “common democratic values.” Part of this “democracy” is manifested in Knesset’s recently ratified bill on the “exclusive Jewish right to decide on destiny.” In preliminary vote, 48 approvals were voted at the Knesset, whereas 41 disapprovals were made. Racism that Canadians hate has been viciously manifested against Palestinians.

Palestinian refugees in 1948, Source: Fred Csasznik – Front cover of The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem by Benny Morris : [1], Public Domain,


In his congratulatory statement, our Prime Minister said, “Israel and its people continue to face threats throughout the world… I am proud to renew Canada’s commitment to a safe and secure homeland for the Jewish people, and to a lasting peace between all peoples in the Middle East.”

At this point, we have to ask: When you pledge security for one party, aren’t you showing great bias and injustice for the everyday-tormented Palestinians? Whilst Palestinian prisoners are still on hunger strike, anticipating global stances that might support their cause and help them overcome their calamity and end their imprisonment, you have described their tormentors as “friends.” The prisoners have been on strike over a month, and their demands are very reasonable: Ending isolatory confinement and administrative imprisonment, improving their prison conditions, allowing a phone into the facility so that they could still contact their families and acquaintances, as well as ending medical negligence.

Due to Israel’s great influence and power in different world positions, world leaders are still too reluctant to condemn Israel’s bigotry against Palestinians. But the world must not let the oppressed down or overlook what they’re going through. Otherwise, none can talk about the Israeli entity’s “human rights and democracy”; they just never meet.

Sada al-Mashrek


إنّ التعليقات المنشورة لا تعبر بأي شكل من الأشكال عن رأي موقع من كندا الذي لا يتحمّل أي أعباء معنويّة أو ماديّة من جرّائها

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